We are a client driven service provider within the maritime industry where our services are directed towards the shipping lines whom we represent and the importers / exporters who choose to ship their cargo on the ships operated by our principals.  

We strive to deliver our services in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.  For this purpose we have obtained ISO 9001-2015 accreditation since 2011 and every year we maintain this accreditation through regular monitoring and updating.

Greenwaveshipping.mt is a people’s company – we believe in our employees because it is through them that the company can achieve the desired service level.  We try to sustain the personal development and the professional achievement through constant coaching and training.

History and Milestones

We believe that we cannot plan our future without understanding where we stand today and how we arrived here.


Founding of C&G Fratelli Mifsud

In the mean time...

Abraham Lincoln was nominated President of the United States


Changed name to Mifsud Brothers Ltd.

In the mean time...

The Electron Microscope was invented


Appointed general agents of Cunard White Star Passenger Line, Cunard Steam Cargo Lines and Swan Hellenic

In the mean time...

World War II came to an end with V-Day happenibng of 7th May 1945


Appointed agents for Tirrenia di Navigazione

In the mean time...

The Transister and the first ever “portable phone” was invented.


Appointed agents for Lloyd Triestino

In the mean time...

The terracotta army of Qin Shi Huang is discovered in Xi’an, China


Lloyd Triestino was bought by Evergreen Line

In the mean time...

Windows 98, the iMac computer and the MP3 player were invented


MBL Shipping Agency - a joint venture between Mifsud Brothers and Combined Maritime Services is formed.
First call of an Evergreen vessel - the M/V Sicilia Breeze - in Malta.

In the mean time...

The Superjumbo jet Airbus 380 makes it first flight.


MBL Shipping Agency officially appointed general agent for Evergreen Line.

In the mean time...

Bulgaria and Romania join the EU.


Certified by Bureau Veritas S.A. with ISO 9001:2008

In the mean time...

The first complete millimetre scale computing is discovered.


MBL Shipping Agency is voted Best Improving Agent of the year

In the mean time...

FIFA world cup is held in Brazil and won by Germany.


Evergreen joins the Ocean Alliance and commences direct calls at Malta from North Europe, Far East and Intra Med.

In the mean time...

The Gotthard Base Tunnel – the world’s longest and deepest railway terminal is opened.


Certified by Bureau Veritas S.A. with ISO 9001:2015

In the mean time...

The United Kingdom triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and, consequently, Brexit negotiations start.


MBL Shipping Agency is rebranded to GreenwaveShipping.mt

In the mean time...

The world-famous Notra-Dame Cathedral in Paris suffers extensive damage due to huge fires that broke out beneath its roof.