The Maltese government has announced that as from the 1st of July  Maltese ports will be open again for all maritime activities. This comes after a two month period where Maltese ports were under lock down due to the epidemic caused by COVID 19. The medical results of these last weeks  have shown a constant and sustained decline in the rate of infections with practically nil infections reported in these last days.

We are also pleased to announce that Malta International Airport is to open its flights  as from 1st July to and from several countries including:

Slovakia , Cyprus , Lithuania , Israel , Latvia  , Switzerland , Estonia  , Hungary , Austria , Luxembourg , Germany , Czech Republic , Iceland ,  Norway , Denmark , Finland , Ireland,  Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Croatia and Greece , although restrictions on flights from certain regions in France, Spain and Italy, including northern Italy, would apply.

Other restrictions on all flight destinations would be lifted on July 15.

The health authorities also announced that the public health emergency declared at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic will be lifted by the end of June 2020.